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The 'diaspora' of modern society extends from the traditional meaning of separation due to physical boundaries like borders to beings that floating around at the edges of boundaries such as race, nationality, gender, class, and gender identity. The expansion of this concept is not only relevant to diaspora caused by historical events but also relevant to the modern-day diaspora due to the exclusion and inclusion from the daily life in the process of modernization and urbanization of capitalism and mass production of the modern diaspora. It seems like the fate of being disoriented became the basic condition of life, not being able to settle and always wandering around.

Living the life of leaving from somewhere and leaving to somewhere every day, the 5th Diaspora Film Festival decided to revisit the meaning of 'hospitality'. If the separation and wondering around are the conditions of modern life, how can we live together with strangers? What attitude should we have when we see the strange world as we don’t know when and where we could be strangers as well? Hospitality seems like to be the most basic precondition for us to start a conversation in the life of never-ending diaspora.

In that sense, this year 's Diaspora Film Festival invites 50 films in total, and would like to ask about the life we live together through ‘hospitality'. And the new section, ‘Diaspora in Focus’ on the issues of refugees and women, who struggles at the very acute front of the diaspora.

Another newly prepared section, ‘Asian Now’ is for Asian immigrants in Korea, playing films for their ‘hometown’. The host country of this year is Vietnam, and three popular feature films from Vietnam will meet the audience.

'Diaspora World Wide' and 'Korean Diaspora' carefully selected films illuminating various diasporas in modern society while expanding the concept of diaspora, reflecting the life of coexistence through the films on the various kind of diasporas from the traditional meaning to the diaspora as the universal condition of modern society.
Diasporain FocusⅠ Diasporain FocusⅡ DiasporaWorld Wide KoreanDiaspora Asian Now :Vietnam Diaspora'sEye

Diaspora in Focus | Refugees: Hospitality and Solidarity

'Diaspora in Focus' is a new section that introduces films boldly facing the most sensitive diaspora issue of our time. The first focus of the 5th Diaspora Film Festival is 'Refugees' which became a global issue. A cold body of a three - year - old Syrian refugee boy found on the Mediterranean coast two years ago was the most shocking image of the refugees. These shocking disasters are still constantly recurring around the world, and the films reproduce the problem of refugees in various ways. The films about refugees in recent years have been focusing on the background of the occurrences of refugees and their poor conditions. And the films on refugees this year have a full spectrum of concerns about the convergence of refugees and local people. This year's 'Diaspora in Focus' section introduces eight feature films and three short films that display these special encounters, with some hospitality and some hostility, under the slogan of ‘hospitality and solidarity’.<In Exile> and <Ta'ang> is directly facing the issues of Asian refugee who are not well known to the world through the life of a refugee who has fled to the border of Myanmar. <Boiling Point> views Finland's extreme reactions to refugees with the marvelous sense of balance. <The wait> is a story of an Afghan refugee girl struggling to get into the Danish refugee camp on behalf of her family. <Fire at Sea> is the Italian master Gianfranco Rosi’s new documentary that won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlinale. <The Good Postman> emphasizes that the hospitality of refugees can lead to solidarity of life. All these films radiate with the energy only the documentary films have that connects us the social issues through the camera.<The Cambridge Squatter> and <The Last of Us> are also the must-see, which is based on dramatization but with bold cinematic experiments describing the lives of refugees. The following three short films send out very intense messages. <Mayday Relay> depicts the conflict between a father and a daughter who had received a distress signal from a refugee boat in the middle of the ocean. <The Silence> delicately captures the difference between the first and second generation of refugees in an unfamiliar society. <Refugee Blues> is a creative reinterpretation of Wystan Hugh Auden‘s poetry. The eleven films carefully selected this year will present the time to reflect on the lives of living together with strangers in the age of worldwide diaspora.

Fire at Sea

Synopsis - In his previous documentary ‹ Sacro GRA › , Gianfranco Rosi described the various marginalized people around the outer circular road in Rome, and now he heads for the Italian southern island of Lampedusa : ‘ the island of refugees. ’ Recording the ...
Gianfranco Rosi│Italy, France│2015│108’│Documentary│12
5.28(Sun) 13:00 Theater T


Synopsis - There are more than twenty ethnic minorities in Myanmar along with Burmese, the majority of the population. After the establishment of the Burmese government in 1948, the armed struggle of the ethnic minority rebels claiming the independence continued to the civil ...
Wang Bing│Hong Kong, France│2016│147’│Documentary│12
5.28(Sun) 10:00 Theater H

The Cambridge Squatter

Synopsis - ‹ The Cambridge Hotel › is about the strange coexistence of homeless and refugees in Brazil, who occupy abandoned buildings of Sao Paulo city. Their daily lives are full of tension caused by the fear of being deported and it creates various dramatic situations....
Eliane Caffé│Brazil, France, Spain│2016│99min│Fiction│15
5.26(Fri) 11:00 Theater C │ 5.28(Sun) 20:00 Theater T

The Silence

Synopsis - Fatma, a Kurdish refugee, who lives in Italy, visits a hospital with her sick mother. Fatma explains the symptoms on behalf of her mother who can ’ t speak in Italian and interprets the doctor ’ s diagnosis. But instead of translating doctor ’ s words, Fatm...
Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi│Italy, France│2016│15’│Fiction│ G
5.28(Sun) 13:00 Theater J │ 5.29(Mon) 12:00 Theater H

Mayday Relay

Synopsis - Max and his daughter Emily, who were sailing the Mediterranean Sea, receive an unexpected distress signal. They turn the course to rescue people but come to realize that there are more than 100 refugees aboard in a ship. It becomes very clear that their boat is too...
Florian Tscharf│Germany│2016│15’│Filction│G
5.28(Sun) 13:00 Theater J│ 5.29(Mon) 12:00 Theater H

Boiling Point

Synopsis - The anxiety on the unequal social structure and uncertain future often lead people to develop hostile feelings towards social minorities and certain strangers. The discrimination and aversion against refugees throughout Europe could be noted as the same phenomenon. The current situati...
Elina Hirvonen│Finland│2017│90’│Documentary│12
5.27(Sat) 18:00 Theater C + GV │ 5.29(Mon) 19:00 Theater C

In Exile

Synopsis - The anxiety on the unequal social structure and uncertain future often lead people to developing hostile feelings towards social minorities and others. The discrimination and hatred against refugees throughout Europe could be noted as the same phenomenon. The curre...
Tin Win Naing│Germany, Myanmar│2016│72’│Documentary│G
5.27(Sat) 15:30 Theater C + GV

The Last of Us

Synopsis - A young man, N from the Southern Sahara heads for Northern Africa where he can attempt to smuggle himself into Europe. After a great struggle, N arrives at Tunisia and steals a boat for sailing. But, he gets stranded on the middle of the Mediterranean Sea as many refugees do...
Gianfranco Rosi│Italy, France│2015│108’│Documentary│12
5.26(Fri) 13:00 Theater J │ 5.28(Sun) 13:00 Theater C + GV

Refugee Blues

Synopsis - The barren earth and the dark blue sky, a huge ship floating in the distant sea, the faces of losses and hopes, the people crying in a clash with the police, and the beautiful string music flowing over the scene. ‹ Refugee Blues › is a work inspired by the epon...
Stephan Bookas, Tristan Daws│France, UK│2016│6’11”│Documentary│ G
5.28(Sun) 13:00 Theater J | 5.29(Mon) 12:00 Theater H

The Wait

Synopsis - Rokhsar is a high school student living in a rural Danish village. Her daily life seems plain and normal at first glance, as being selected as a player of the year in the soccer team and watching movies with her friends. Except for the fact that her famil...
Emil Langalle│Denmark│2016│58’30”│Documentary│G
5.28(Sun) 20:30 Theater C | 5.29(Mon) 12:30 Theater J

The Good Postman

Synopsis - Golyam Dervent, a small Bulgarian village, bording to Turkey with a shabby fence between them. This town was once called ‘ The Great Gate ’ , but there now remail only about the thirties of silver-haired residents are left with their withering fates. Iv...
Tonislav Hristov│Finland│2016│80’│Documentary│G
5.28(Sun) 17:30 Theater H | 5.29(Mon) 14:30 Theater H