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Kim's Video in New York is a video rental store run by a Korean-American Kim Yong-man, and it was once called a heaven for cinephiles, amassing more than 55,000 titles from around the world. However, as the rental business entered a decline, he donated all DVDs and videos to Salemi, a small town in Sicily, Italy, on the premise that members in town could continue to use rental service in 2008. In Salemi, they tried to revitalize the tourism industry by establishing a film archive, but it ended in smoke as the person in charge colluded with the mafia and stole the budget for the project. The director, who has been tracking this incident, was deadlocked, but soon plans to save the neglected films. Just as he was inspired and saved by films, and now it’​s his turn to save them. The process is completed with a crime movie featuring the people wearing masks of famous directors. What they are trying to save is not just outdated DVDs or videos, but timeless value of film. (KIM Kyung-tae)


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David REDMON, Ashley SABIN
David REDMON, Ashley SABIN

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