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My Name Is Kim


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Chaepil, a North Korean soldier during the Korean War, rescues Millar, an American fighter pilot who has crashed in the middle of a mountain, and they escape to South Korea together. He violates the principle of war by saving the enemy’s life on the battlefield where he should kill the others to save himself. This is a fight to deny war and go beyond ideology. They share the universal humanity based on religious beliefs between them. Even though the languages they speak are different, they share a deep friendship where they have nothing but each other in an isolated mountain. After they are rescued, the friendship shared is imprinted deep in their hearts and becomes the backbone of their later lives. This is especially true for Chaepil who has been accused of being a double agent and fallen victim to ideological conflicts in his postwar life. His family members recall Chaepil feeling particularly attached to Americans and Chaepil’s letters to Millar prove he has spent the rest of his life cherishing their friendship and humanity back then, which was so intense that he hasn’t felt the same ever again even in a more peaceful world. (KIM Kyung-tae)

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