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The Autumn Poem


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In The Autumn Poem, Jihee’​s words, “What matters most is the mind and heart inside,” gives a lot of meaning to Jongsu, who often gets discouraged due to his poor Korean. And it changes Jongsu to have himself and the world around him with different perspectives. Of course, the reality of the situation will keep discouraging him, but lets the audiences realize that sincere minds can make it possible to communicate with each other even if the language is different. Jongsu, who used to fail to complete a poem to the end, now knows what is more important in writing poetry than what language he uses and how fluent he is, thereby he can finish his poem. Perhaps Jongsu’​s poem appears at the end of the film for a reason that wants us to feel and understand the poem itself, rather than only highlighting the mistakes. (MIN Jeeyeon)


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PARK Chan-ho

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