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Beyond This Place 영화 상세정보

Diaspora Shorts

Beyond This Place


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As if avoiding the ringing bell from the beginning, Younghwoe arrives at her uncle’​s house. Although she meets her aunt, Mai, for the first time, Younghwoe does not introduce herself and behave rudely towards Mai because she is a married migrant woman with a different skin color. “You’re never setting foot outside this place. You’re not going anywhere!” Amidst the violent scene, where Younghwoe’​s uncle shouts and uses violence, a phone rings faintly and a torn passport is scattered. Mai applied ointment and bandage to Younghwoe’​s wound caused by her husband, and says, “When I’m hurt, I see other people’s pain too. Next time, you win.” This line seems to indicate that the film is set in. Mai brings the stamp Younghwoe needs, after Younghwoe throws away her wedding ring in order not to go back. It’​s only then that Mai reveals her name. After washing their hands thoroughly, the two women resume their journey together and ask each other, “Where do you want to go now?” to which they respond. Right beyond this place. (JUNG Jieun)


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LEE Jegyong
LEE Jegyong

Looking Forward (2018) 





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