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When You Left Me on That Boulevard 영화 상세정보

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When You Left Me on That Boulevard


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Into the dim light of dawn, there comes a snoring sound over a flip phone connected to a charger next to a bed. Here is a teenage girl, Ly, who is talking in vain to the unanswered receiver. Though she stays up all night, it is time to start the day for the Thanksgiving party at the house of her aunt Pinkie. The party goes boisterous with chatters in English and Tagalog, and Ly and her cousins commit some deviant behaviors. Ly cannot get her mind off of someone she has a crush on, but her clueless aunt bombards her with questions about her boyfriend. Intoxicated with sleepiness and drugs, Ly is swept away in the lively atmosphere at first, but her turbulent mind eventually comes to peace. The film vividly portrays the holiday scene of a Filipino immigrant family living in San Diego in 2006. Ly’​s dream and reality intersect in a fantastical manner at the last scene, which is clearly a must see. (KANG Sojung)


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