Diaspora​ Shorts

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Diaspora Shorts


France, UK202226'DocumentaryG

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The happiest moment for Rosie, who has moved to the UK from Congo, is when she plays with her nephew with lion masks on. No one is on Rosie’s side, whether it is the landlord who hardheartedly raises the rent for an addition to the household, or the Immigration Office that orders the deportation of her sister’s family. When the entire world seems to be out to get her, she opens up her heart to those unexpected. It all begins with Rosie’s small act. The social structure that discriminates against social minorities encourages competition and conflict among different minorities so that they cannot realize the structure and abide by the system. Lions reflects upon how to repair the structure of a tragic conflict and presents a small, yet precious, possibility for a bright future — it is, paradoxical though, welcoming those who might commit violence against her. Rosie and her nephew put an end to the conflict between the minorities by continuing to show the gestures of hospitality even at the risk of themselves. The two turn the fight of lions roaring at each other into a play that dissipates anger and hostility. Needless to say, Rosie and her nephew are truly courageous lions. (LEE Dong-yun)

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