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Jae-hee has no one but her husband to rely upon and has to start her life all over in a rural village by the sea. There is a migrant worker, Maxim, who has arrived in the village before Jae-hee for a new life as well. Invisible does not idly invoke the issues of women and migrant workers to raise various social issues nor emphasize the importance of solidarity. Rather, the film goes so far as to reveal the very inconvenience that is clearly out there, yet too embarrassing for us to speak out, until the complex relationship between the two comes to the surface. Jae-hee feels the villagers’​ disregard and stranger danger towards the young woman from Seoul and believes it is another form of violence. At this point, Maxim, who knows the village and the villagers inside out, is a conspirator of the violence directed at her. Under the pressure of the gazes invisible to others, Jae-hee makes a choice, which in turn becomes another kind of violence towards Maxim. The film walks back and forth between two tightropes of Maxim’​s precarious position and Jae-hee’​s anxiety, both as strangers. (KIM Seon-myeong)

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