Diaspora​ Shorts

Jjigae 영화 상세정보

Diaspora Shorts



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Amy, who was adopted to an American family as a child, visits Seoul to meet her biological mother. Instead, she meets her stepsister who has been raised with care and love. Their mother is remembered quite differently by the two daughters. They share their respective memories of her and spend some time together, but the memories are too different to be integrated nor unite the two sisters as one. When the audience encounters a narrative like this, they naturally expect the conflicts to be resolved, and the boundaries to collapse. Director Jéro Yun, however, presents the hard truth that such an easy reconciliation never happens in reality. Instead, he turns the attention of those who may be disappointed with the different ending solely to the characters who live through the wounds. The life the director wants to screen is not a fictional one that is full of unfounded hopes, but the struggle of those who live through whatever pain there may be. Jjigae is a short film by the director who wants to show how they actually live. (LEE Dong-yun)


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Jéro YUN
Jéro YUN

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