Experiencing Program

DIAspora Library

This year's DIAspora Library, sponsored by a couch brand ‘Niedlich’ which is known for its comfort, comes both new and refurbished. It holds books on diaspora that were introduced onto the previous DIAFF Newsletters. Together with children's books for people of all ages, visitors can also meet the works of Suh Kyung-sik, who has long represented the diaspora voice, and the book published as part of DIAFF projects and written by Park Seolyeon, Jo Woori, Han Jung Hyun, and Hwang Mogua. Surely, the place is a chance for everyone to glimpse at various aspects of diaspora life.

Date 5.20.(Sat)-5.23.(Tue) 11:00 ~ 18:00
Venue Incheon Art Platform Theater C (Niedlich) Lobby