Save the Children in DIAFF

This year, DIAFF is working with SAVE THE CHILDREN which takes the lead in changing the lives and future of all children. Installed in the Hospitality Square, the SAVE THE CHILDREN booth will offer various participatory programs including the traditional plays from the countries where many refugees come from. Surely, this will be a chance for visitors to think once again about the refugees around us.

Date 5.20.(Sat)-5.21.(Sun) 11:00 ~ 18:00
Venue Hospitality Square (Central Plaza at Incheon Art Platform)
In association with Save the Children
Save the Children

Each and every child has the right to dream for their future. SAVE THE CHILDREN is the world’s first fund to champion the rights of all children, taking the lead in changing the lives and future of children with 100 years of expertise. It works to ensure that children all over the world grow up to be healthy, protected from dangerous environments, properly educated and duly respected, as well as to have the voices of some of the most vulnerable children be heard. SAVE THE CHILDREN works with children, families, local communities, and its supporters to make positive change in children’s lives.