Experiencing Program

Collaborative Domino Freestyle

This piece showcases Domino Art in a “freestyle” manner with flowing lines, twists and turns, and chain reaction tricks of all sizes working together to reach the finale structure. Built with the colors of the U.S., South Korean, and Ukrainian flags intertwined throughout the design, this domino project serves to showcase the 70th Anniversary of the U.S.-ROK Alliance as well as the U.S. and Korean people's support for Ukraine.

Installing 5.20. (Sat) 11:00 ~ 19:00|Incheon Living Culture Center(A)
Live Streaming 5.20. (Sat) 19:00|Hospitality Square (Central Plaza at the Incheon Art Platform)
Artist Lily Hevesh (@Hevesh5)
Cooperated by U.S. Embassy Seoul

※ The Domino installation site [Incheon Living Culture Center (A)] will be open for viewing from 18:30.

How to Build and Topple Dominoes with Lily Hevesh (@Hevesh5)

Join Lily Hevesh, the world's most acclaimed Domino Artist, as she leads a hands-on domino workshop and topples thousands of dominoes! With over 1.5 billion views on YouTube (@Hevesh5), Lily has sparked a domino-building craze throughout the world. In this workshop, you'll learn how to set up dominoes like a pro. Come prepared to learn new domino tricks, tips, and everything else you need to know to get started with Domino Art. Get ready to design, build, and topple with Lily's brand of dominoes, H5 Domino Creations, which will be provided for participants to create their own domino projects.

Date 5.21. (Sun) 15:00 ~ 17:30
Venue Incheon Living Culture Center (A)
Artist Lily Hevesh (@Hevesh5)
Cooperated by U.S. Embassy Seoul

※ Advanced reservation only.

Lily Hevesh

Lily Hevesh is a professional Domino Artist and YouTube creator (@Hevesh5) who designs, builds, and topples thousands of dominoes to create beautifully intricate chain reactions. With over 1.5 billion views across social media, and countless partnerships with Fortune 100 brands, Lily is the world's #1 leading Domino Artist.