10th Diaspora Film Festival Non-competitive sections are now open!



DIAFF is a non-competitive film festival for films with themes on migration, refugees and separation, in the hopes of representing the voices of those who have lost their homes or were forced to relocate from the cities and towns where they built their lives. We look forward to seeing your work that tell the story of Diaspora living all over the world!



1. Eligibility

a. Production Date: All submissions should be completed after January 2020.

- There is no precondition of premiere or prior screening.

- Exception for general invitation films.

b. Genre/Length: Films of all genres and lengths are considered for the selection.

c. Themes:

- The films addressing diaspora issues of ‘Migration’, ‘Transfer’ and ‘Separation’.

- The films around ‘Race’, ‘Nation (or Nationality)’, ‘War/Conflict’, ‘Refugee’, ‘Generation’, ‘Gender’ and ‘Sexuality’ from the diaspora point of view.

- The films addressing the story of those who leave their own communities and seek new places for various reasons including social, political, economic and cultural matters.

d. Subtitles:

- Non-English-speaking films must have subtitles or a transcript of the dialogue in English for both preview and screening copy.

- Non Korean-speaking films will be screened in Korean subtitle.

e. Others:

- Any nationality and language can participate.

- A preview copy must be the same cut as the actual screening copy. If a screening copy is different from their preview, it should be informed to the festival immediately

- Material submitted for pre-selection will not be returned.


2. Deadlines

- December 27th (Mon) 09:00 (KST), 2021 ~ February 6th (Sun) 24:00 (KST), 2022


3. Submission

- Please fill in the application from on the entry website, and submit it with the online screener link.

- Website:

Once you upload both application and screener, your application will be considered complete.


4. Slection

- Final selection is made by the programmer(s) of DIAFF and selected films are personally informed. The list of finalists will be published on the official website.

- Once the invitation has been accepted and published via official website, the selected film cannot be withdrawn from the festival program.

- DIAFF pays flat fee for the screenings according to the internal regulations of the festival.


5. Note

- By submitting the completed application form, you confirm that you have read and agree to the official rules and terms including our regulations.


6. Request for Submission

Diaspora Film Festival Program Team



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